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John Johnson and Ron Campbell

John F. Johnson III born in 1978 in Washington, DC John acquired his love for art as a child.  His father was a commercial artist. He was fascinated with the skill that his father possessed, the skill of taking an idea or vision and transforming it into an artistic manifestation.

Like his father, John was a natural artist. His raw talent afforded him the opportunity to attend high school at Duke Ellington School for the Arts in Washington DC. He later moved to Baltimore and earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree for illustration and a Master of Fine Arts degree for digital arts from Maryland Institute College of Art.

Passionate about his craft, John started his own graphic designing company, J2 Design Inc. He specializes in graphic design, photography, video production and editing. John has always been intrigued by the details in a person’s face. He believes that many stories can be told through facial expressions. His drawings and photography reflects his passion for conveying those stories.

John is currently the Creative Director for the urban retailer, DTLR. His vision, craft, and creativity have guided the company’s marketing strategies to greater heights. John’s work is currently printed in all of DTLR’s literature. His work is also displayed at all DTLR locations and at John’s favorite quote and moto is “possibility begins with imagination”.



Ronald Campbell is a local artist born and raised in West Baltimore. Outside of the occasional YouTube tutorial he has no formal art related training, just an inherent talent and the ability to make cartoonish ideas come to life. Aside from his work on the displayed pieces he also specializes in graphic design and lettering. He has used these talents to contribute to the success of a local clothing brand, Virt Ink. He is also spearheading the art direction for a children’s book titled The Electrifying Adventure of Mr. Powers.

Fries On the Rise: An Opus to the Side Piece is a series of acrylic paintings that finally gives some shine to everyone’s favorite fast food co-star. As with most of his creation, the inspiration comes from sketchbook doodles, twisted humor, late 80’s cartoons and couch lock. Ronald only hopes that whatever people see his work they question the seriousness of day to day reality and follow it up with a chuckle. Every laugh is a successful project.

Ronald’s portfolio and personal writings can be seen on and is currently offering selected work on