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Pat Dennis SOLO Show

Pat Dennis Solo Exhibit

Thursday August 2 – Sunday, September 2

Pat Dennis paints the heart/heart-break, pleasure/pain, personal/political in this life we live. Life on the planet is difficult, as is painting the “truth”, whatever that may be. Dennis primarily paints figures and abstracts.

In 1975, Dennis began painting in Nyack, New York.. She was influenced by her stint as an assistant to Sari Dienes, on “The Land”, an artist’s community in Stony Point, New York. Neighbors Robert Rauschenberg and Jasper Johns would often drop in on Dienes and Dennis for lunch.

Dennis subsequently moved to Taos, New Mexico, where she lived in a tent with her two children. She studied for one year at the Taos School of Fine Arts, until the school closed, due to the death of its founder. 

Dennis continued to paint and study and was strongly drawn to the powerful work and persona of Georgia O’Keeffe.  She also developed a strong working relationship with renowned Native American artist Randy Lee White.

In 1979, Dennis and her children returned to New York, where she became an active member of the New York Feminist Art Institute, an international collective of women artists exploring the relationship between art and mainstream culture. 

Locally, Dennis’ work has been exhibited at The Columbia Art Center, The Creative Alliance, and MAXgallery. She lives in the Sowebo neighborhood of Baltimore with her husband, Robert F. X. Giroux.


The opening reception will be held on Thursday, August 2 from 6:30 - 10:30 pm and the closing reception will be on Sunday, August 26 from 2 - 5pm.