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Morgan Phillips, Carter Roach & Eric White

Social Armor

A series by  Morgan Phillips

How do we protect ourselves from the invisible forces that are acting on our bodies? How am I vulnerable in public as a queer person? A fat person? A woman? How can we create shields from the systems of desire and value that hurt so many of us?

In my work as a jewelry designer, I explore crystal energies as a way to spread healing and growth in my community. From doing this work, I have forged a deep connection to stones and their metaphysical vibrations. In Social Armor, I use herbal and crystal healing to shield, empower, and arm myself for the harshness and difficulties I face moving through the world as a fat, queer, woman. By invoking the specific herbs and stone energies that have been pivotal to my process and ability to cope, I made each individual piece with the intention to metaphysically lift and protect my spirit and body from each unique situation.

Morgan Phillips is a queer witch and an interdisciplinary Jewelry Designer, living and working in Baltimore Maryland.

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Eric White is a self taught artist painting for about 5 years with no experience or schooling, or former background with painting, and selling art for about 3 or 4 years, Eric is from ocean city Maryland but live in Los Angeles or have been primarily for the past 4 years , He usually have no direct message in paintings, in influecend or inspired his partying and his friends and also skateboarding, he use acrylics and spray paint to paint ,  Eric has artwork thru random buyers throughout the country.

Carter Roach is an artist from Baltimore, who loves creating dynamic characters and letters with energetic colors. Growing up  learning to do graffiti, he formed a style that uses some of those urban influences along with vibrant colors and a cartoon character twist to create his work. Carter uses spray paint, acrylics, oils, markers and other mixed media to form each character and its surroundings. He has had his art work displayed at many venues and galleries including Elements Natural Hair Care & Design, The Alchemy of Art, Load of Fun, The Filling Station, Zekes Coffee, CCBC, Studio L, and Elevation Underground. Every so often Carter puts on an interactive and unique art show called The Quest for Breignstorm. The Quest for Breignstorm takes viewers on an epic journey through a large wooded area on a path showcasing his art in nature. The Quest invites viewers to open their senses and experience art in a natural environment where paintings are hung on trees, sculptures are hanging from the treetops and seemingly coming out of the ground. Carter has been featured as a live artist at Camp Barefoot, Pretty Lights, Rusko, Younger Brother, Eliot Lipp and Emancipator.

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